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Strange by name strange by nature
It was August 1958

The family living in Sussex chose to holiday in Hythe, Kent by renting a seaside bungalow.

I travelled by cycle but the rest went by car.

Having left an hour earlier I arrived first to find the bungalow was a wooden hut but next door was a holiday camp.

By the time the family car turned up, I had already scouted the camp.

Wonder of wonders, it had full size snooker tables and I looked for a way to become a 'happy camper'.

That evening I strolled into the camp bar and ordered a beer as though I owned the place.

The barmaid having served me started to ask about who I was - I was obliged to let on that I was an outsider.

She said as long as I was careful noone would guess.

I was to make a point of only using the snooker tables when there wasn't a queue.

Day 2 and I am quietly practising on the table when in comes the barmaid ...

Now somehow I knew I was in luck.

She is 23 I am 17.

She is smiling.

Her abundant chest is stretching the white blouse, she is the same 6'4" as me in heels and her long legs have just stockings, shoes and an excuse for a short skirt.

She walks up close and offers to play around - then I realise that it is not snooker to which refers.

We slope off to her dormitory bunk bed sleeeping area.

We are alone.

In 10 minutes she has stopped telling me to open my mouth and is writhing under my touch.

Two days later I invite the parents to join me for a drink on neutral ground, not the bungalow or camp but a pub.

When we walk in my mother says 'oh my God' and suddenly realise that her teenage son is dating a Marilyn Monroe lookalike.

Mother is mortified, father can't take his eyes off the chest, drinks are hurriedly ordered and a silence ensews.

Then everyone is talking at once.

Another round and we beg our leave to go dancing.

We dance at the camp ballroom and then out into the dark for a serious grope.

All the time Jackie is encouraging me and guiding my hands lips legs to be in the right place at the right time.

We never fuck - just fondle - but what a kisser!

After 10 days it was time to leave and she just says - remember 'strange by name - strange by nature' - that was Jackie !!