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French girl
Sometime in 1981 I was driving in the new white Cortina near my house in the late morning.

I passed a girl walking on a country lane and in a direction where there were virtually no houses for miles.

Turning the car around I stopped and asked if I could help.

Yes she need a ride to Bristol a good three-four hours away.

She had no money and apart from jeans and a white blouse, few clothes.

She was carrying a really small colourful fabric handbag and was obviously not English.

For reasons I can't remember, I had a gap in my day and could just skip whatever I had really been going to do.

I said I would run her to a sensible place to pick up a ride to Bristol and tried to find out how she had got in this pickle.

I think she was travelling with a group and the boyfriend threw a wobbler and eventually made her get out of whatever vehicle they were using.

Everytime she discussed it she cried.

We talked and talked, she asked if I was married and I said yes but I needed far more sex than I got - at that time I was screwing anything that would have me.

We seem to get on really well and I suggested that I could take her much further if I got something out of it.

Well, she had no money so a blow-job was the obvious solution.

She intimated she might do that !

As we progressed southwards she seem to really warm towards me and clearly quite fancied me.

Somewhwre around Kidderminster I noticed a market, lots of people and stalls both inside and out.

I suggested she have something to eat, we parked up and wandered towards the market.

As soon as we left the car she took my hand and then after we got separated in the crowd, the next time I put my arm around her.

Couldn't believe my luck, her ringletted hair shone in the sunshine, her tight jeans and blouse didn't really hide a petite but stunning body.

She ate as though she had had no food for a week and I bought her some stuff to eat and drink for the rest of her journey.

By the time we walked out of the market we had kissed, lightly then really fiercely.

As we approached the M5, I said now it was her turn to give me her side of the bargain and she said 'what here?' - I realised we had to get lost and drove up the first side lane which looked quiet.

I parked in a field gateway and more or less lunged at her, we had talked about sex and she was clearly someone who enjoyed it and felt everyone should.

We kissed passionately and I pushed her seat back right down.

I grasped her tiny pert tit and I could feel a hard nipple below the bra.

Then I started to move down her body and found that she had popped the waist pin of her jeans and unzipped them.

This had to mean the door was open !

I ripped off her jeans the tiny white panties getting lost somewhere and jumped on top of her.

With no thought for her pleasure, I really banged her and came with a big shaking spurt.

She said little until I was finished and then declared that it was really nice and when could we do it in more comfortable surroundings?

I cleaned up with the tissues I bought in the market.

Time was now pressing so I took her to the M5 junction and let her go leaving me with her phone number on a scrap of paper.

The following day I phoned and she said she had got home in one piece, but was rather cold on the phone.

I phoned again the next day and got told not stop harassing her !

That was Chloe, a French girl, very giving and honouring her side of a tough bargain with a vengeance.