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The Secretary and a grassy bank
One of those days at the cottage, late afternoon and golden sunlight falling on the field outside the house.

We wandered about just looking at what was what.

Quite without warning she said 'I am horny' and dropped to the ground, pulling me down.

Not the best place, rather a slope and in full view of where my neighbour took in 55 cows every evening.

I said 'are you sure' and she just kissed me hard.

The short but tight skirt was another problem, it had to go up or down.

I started to caress the back of her knees and then the inside of her thighs.

MC usually wore M&S cotton knickers unless she was in black underwear.

My hand went further and further up the thigh to find that nice little hairy place - NO panties!

When I asked where they had gone, she had slipped them off when I wasn't looking and was sitting on them - how exciting.

I had a quick feel and she was really wet, I pulled down my jeans and plunged in.

A few quick pumps and I was going like a steam engine.

Then she pushed me off, rolled me over and sat on top of me, my arms pinned over my head.

She then proceeded to grind me into oblivion and actually yelled as she came with me.

We quickly looked around - no farmers - she stood and pulled down the skirt, threw me the panties and held out her hand to carry on walking. WOW!

As we strolled her face was a permanent grin - she just loved to make me feel good and I tried hard to do the same.

I am sure that giving sex is what it is all about.