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Scottish Anne
I worked in a research laboratory as an apprentice in my early twenties.

There were 800 people there and soon after I arrived a 6 foot tall blonde Amazon from Scotland came to work in personnel.

She had one of those silly names which had interchangeable first and last names.

Her boobs were just the right shape, set high and clearly firm.

She had full lips and a demon smile.

I spent two years trying to get in her knickers.

Then we were assigned to organise the company dinner and dance at Christmas.

This had always been awful and I suggested we go to a 5 star venue, push the numbers up and have a ball!

It took weeks to organise and we spent hours together.

The night of the dance she brought the boyfriend, a big but thick rugger playing yob, who probably had a big dick I thought.

There was some hassle and he left early very pissed.

I got my old Jag out to take her home and on the way she asked me to park up.

Having stopped, she kissed me hard and said thank you, she told me she was a virgin and didn't want me around because she felt she would give in and didn't want to until married.

I let her hands into my trousers and she pulled out my willy, she kissed it and then skilfully made me cum, catching the spurt in my knickers with a deft movement.

Then I took her home.

For weeks after that when ever she was frustrated with her boyfriend, we would go for one drink, a nice wank and home.

However hard I tried she wasn't going to have anything else.

Months went by and I was getting a bit concerned that we might be seen together and cause her problems.

Then she announced she was finally getting married and could I come to dinner at her house on Friday night.

I asked why and who would be there, she said just us and she wanted to have a conversation in a quiet place with no-one watching.

I duly turned up and we had drinks and a beautiful candle-lit supper.

My mind was on this almost inevitable wank and I was thinking about ringing the changes somehow.

She made coffee and then sat me on the sofa to tell me she was getting married the next Saturday and wanted to ask me a favour.

It never occurred to me what might happen next.

She said she was still a virgin and couldn't now bear the thought of getting married without having ever had sex.

Would I do a her a big favour and pretend it was our honeymoon and show her how it was done !

I couldn't take it in - she clearly knew all the facts of life but wanted an actual experience.

She disappeard and returned in a short black lace nightie and top.

We slid into a clean, cold bed and kissed until she said 'get on with it'.

Removing her black lace, I turned her over and massaged he back - head to toe working really hard.

Then I rolled her over and gently caressed her all over.

She loved having her tits sucked and made wierd scottish groaning noises.

Then I fingered her clit which was all shiny and new and needed a lot of work to generate the same noises.

I went down on her pussy and sucked the clit until my mouth was nearly raw, finally I decided she need a good stuffing and slowly worked it in.

She was very well lubricated and obviously enjoyed just the penetration.

I spent ages writhing around with her and she demanded that I come - so I had a good pump and did so.

She lit a cigarette, she didn't smoke but wanted to play the part.

I put it out and suggested she have some rest and I would try and re-charge for a second go.

She was adamant that I must leave before 5am so no-one would see me go, so she set the alarm.

We awoke at 4.45 to the shrill tone of the alarm and she lept out of bed naked to make a me a coffee.

She had the most amazingly perfect tall body with firm tits and now a warmed up pussy.

We groped and kissed and groped and I had to fly.

On the following Monday we passed in a corridor at work and she smiled like an angel mouthing the words 'thank you'.