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We met in the dry cleaners in Grosvenor Place W1.

She was wearing an off-white coat and the very fashionable a-line short dress.

She didn't want to be seen talking but I could see she was keen to make contact.

We taked outside and she gave me a number.

I phoned that evevning and was invited over for coffee.

I really liked her and didn't want to rush things.

So we progressed at her pace and eventually she came to my flat and shagged me nicely.

We did a lot of that.

It was still a thrill to see a girl in black undies and she either wore black or white.

She had firm breasts not big but the same shape whichever way up she was.

Her black hair was tinged in auburn and went down to her waist.

After some months she moved into my flat and we had nearly a year of just exellent sex.

Thinking back I feel she had been abused because she left all her family in South Africa and she seemed to be unusually sexually aware.

One of her party tricks was to pour baby oil down my bum crack whilst lying on my face and then massaging my rim with a finger.

She would tease and push as though it was going in.

I then had to ask her to stop at the knuckle as any more produced no better effect and I didn't want to get scratched inside.

Eventually we parted on bad terms and I always regret that, but prior to we had almost a year of really good fucks.