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The Secretary and his chair
MC hated one of my co-directors.

This was well placed and entirely justified.

One day he asked me why she was red in the face and I said I didn't know.

This was a lie she used to slope off to the ladies and have a quick finger driven cum.

She would return all calm but red faced.

After work a couple of nights later I pulled her leg about the red face and we were just about to lock up the office.

She said she had an idea and dragged me into his office.

Pulled down my jeans and she sat me on his chair which was a tipping swivel chair.

She pulled off her MS cotton panties and sat on top of me.

She then slowly worked me into a frenzy and I know we both dribbled heavily.

The following mornig I was passing the office, checked the black fabric on the chair and there was a distinct stain.

She seemed to think this was hilariously funny that every day he sat on our juices and didn't know.