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Late fifties and all the girls are wearing those multi petticoat dresses - very becoming.

I fell for Sally at 100yds, she was the friend of one of my best friends and to break the ice we went to the cinema as a foursome.

My friend was a vicar's son and rather badly behaved.

The usherette found him and his girl on the floor between the seats and we got thrown out.

We went to a local coffee bar and listened to the Everly Brothers Dream/dream/dream.

My last year at boarding school and making visits to see Sally was difficult so she arranged to meet me near the school.

We walked into the woods and found a lonely spot.

We kissed and groped and kissed again.

We did this for several Saturdays and I was working towards getting her to allow me to at least put my finger in.

I remember gingham blue check bras and panties and lots of frothy net slips.

One such trip she arrived in a blue summer dress, huge underskirts and ALL BLACK undies a a full set.

We trooped off into the woods and I spent a while disentangling suspenders so I could get the panties off.

She then announced they were over the top and it was quite unnececssary and a waste of good ferkling time.

Eventually the little panties were around her knees and my finger was in having a play, I managed to come by rubbing myself up and down her body while I made her moan with clitoris driven pleasure.

The following week she was in the same dress and the bra was white and very half cup when I undid the buttons of her dress the nipples were showing.

Her tits were very small but sensitive.

When I stared to explore her legs she had no stockings on - she said that she thought it was just so much easier without.

She had the tiniest transparent pink knickers on and they slid down very easily.

She was VERY wet and dying for penetration, for the first time I used more than one finger and explored her really deeply, she loved it.

I came, she put on her panties and we walked back to the bus stop.