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The Secretary and my chair
One dark wintry and blustery evening we were finishing late in the office and MC was kneeling on my large office swivel chair, looking at a diagram on the wall behind.

She either wore pencil tight or voluminous skirts and this was a big one in a small black and white check.

I lifted the skirt over her glorious bum and slid down the white panties.

Her pussy was spot on the right height for me to go straight in and this I did.

I was yelling in her ear that this is what I did to naughty employees when we heard the front door bang shut.

I was just cumming and hurriedly withdrew leaving her with wet down her thighs.

She stood up and peered through the office windows in the dark trying to see who it was.

I crawled away and out the door using a different route to get out of the way.

Moments later having re-dressed and run a hand through my hair I re-appeared saying that the bulb had failed in the gents to suggest where I had been.

The visitor was one of our lowest of the low employees returning from a delivery.

He didn't seem to notice anything was wrong and we left him to lock up.

Later she told me I had pushed so hard I had bruised her inside so perhaps it was good we were interrupted.