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We had neighbours opposite our Essex house.

Carol and her husband.

We swapped baby sitting and one night it was suggested we swop.

I had been groping Carol privately for ages and she liked to fuck.

We had an unsuccessful 4-way with lots of genital kissing but it didn't work.

We had a couple of occasions when we swapped and Carol's husband came too soon for my wife which was no good.

My wife was working nights and one evening Carol phoned to say she was alone for some hours and could I come over.

I did and she was in white cotton knickers with tiny coloured dots and nothing else, hiding behind the front door as she opened it for me.

I kissed her and groped for a while and she demanded that it was time to get on with it.

So we slid to the floor and a I gave it a good seeing to.

She liked to come first and feel you inside her and we made this happen.

I write this because a much more exciting thing happened later and her husband had no idea we were doing it anyway.

We were in the pub and she was serving behind the bar when he said she would like to come over and do us together.

I said fine and at 11.30 we drifted back to the house.

I asked where Carol was and he said she was changing into something more comfortable because she had trousers on in the pub.

She came over the road in a long skirt and blouse and sat between us on the sofa.

We chatted and I asked what was on the cards.

She said she wanted two blokes one after the other and I said 'OK husband first' it is his right !!

She unzipped our flies and pulled out two willies, she kissed them and gave them a good winding up one in each hand, then she took off her clothes with a little dance and lay on the floor.

Her hubby lay on top and pumped her full up - he was very quick.

He moved away and said he wanted to watch, she pulled me down with a huge knowing smile and I kissed her hard, i kissed her nipples and then slid into a fanny full of his cum - just delightful.

What it meant though was that she was super lubricated and it took ages for me to come, by which time she was frantic.

I pumped for a good while and then I finally made it - she said she could feel it coming in.

When I finished she had also made it and we rolled around laughing, the husband was quite excited and wanking again on the sofa.

I can't remember anymore but that was a lovely session.