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A special kind of dancing
Living in a small village we had various village events.

Often the next village would throw a dance and we would all go.

Sometimes someone would rent the village hall and ask everyone for a free drink.

We went one night to a privately run dance in the next door village hall.

When we arrived there was a packed bar lots of noise and a blacked out dance floor.

A girl I knew but not very well said to me that all sorts of things were going on in there.

I asked her to dance which was what she had in mind anyway.

We went into the noisy blackness and she pushed up real close.

She spoke in my ear and said she wanted to kiss me but was scared who might see.

I suggested we just feel discreetly and enjoy the effect.

She slid my hand into the waistband of her skirt and I worked my way down to sticky knickers.

She had a huge mound of Venus and it was dripping.

She then slid her hand in my unzipped fly and skillfully stroked my willy.

I moved her around so I was behind her and talked in her ear while I played with her clit.

Eventually she writhed and had the most ginormous orgasm, shaking like someone with malaria !

But she kept quiet and no-one seemed to notice.

We met many times after that, but never managed to fuck - something I regret.