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Another long term fuck.

This girl worked in the same factory as me and had the hots before I realised.

We went to a trade show in London and on the way back she said let's go to a movie.

So we trooped into the local cinema and as soon as we sat down her arm went around my neck.

She was much smaller than me and it wasn't very comfortable so she picked up my arm and put it around her neck.

I realised then I was on a winner, but she was married.

After the movie we went back to her flat.

She assured me hubby was out of the way and took me straight to bed.

We had a really good play around, her fanny was nice and wet and I was as hard as can be because of the unexpected excitement and opportunity.

Finally she turns on her face lifts her arse and says 'come in from behind'.

I pushed it in and could wait no longer so I really pumped her up - she loved it, she screamed and begged me to keep going.

I went home wondering what had hit me.

She and I fucked all over, in the back of my car, at her house, in the woods, anywhere we could.

Then she offered to baby sit and when we came home she said could she stay the night because she had too much to drink.

She then suggested we play cards - strip poker. I was left in my knickers while the women laughed.

Melody drank more and finally passed out.

We carried her to bed and my wife undressed her and came to bed saying that Melody had wonderful boobs.

I suggested I go and have a look but wasn't allowed.

Little did she know I was kissing them the day before.

This sort of happened again, my wife said we owed her supper for all the help she had been baby sitting.

So she came again for the night.

We ate and drank a lot and went to bed.

Five minutes after we put the light out Melody comes in saying she doesn't like to sleep alone.

My wife says well you will have to get a pillow !

Moments later I am sandwiched between the two, the wife in a pretty little scalloped nightie and Melody in a two layer one - totally transparent, me naked.

I managed to slide into Melody 's fanny and still be kissing my wife.

My hand was on the wife's clit and the other on Melody 's tit.

I hung on as long as possible making the very best of an exciting event in my life.

Finally I came, we all disengaged and went to sleep.

Two hours later Melody has woken up and is sitting on my hard dick pumping up and down.

This too much for my wife so mutters something about 'not again' and she goes next door while I protest.

Then I came again with a huge rush.

About an hour later Melody moves down the bed and we suck each other in a telephones position until we fall asleep.

Breakfast was rather strained but my wife had set it up and encouraged so no more was said.

I fucked Melody many more times after that and loved it every time.