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She'll do it for you !
1959, sitting in his car, my old friend Tim, famous family no details here, was asking me about getting fucked and I said that one needed the benefit of an expert to hone one's skills.

He went on to tell me about Sandra who he had been pumping on a park bench in full daylight because she had one of those very full skirts with lots of petticoats so popular at the time.

They sat face to face and appeared to be just kissing but actually fully engaged and having a whale of a time.

She wasn't the regular girlfiriend and he explained that she liked to fuck sufficiently that she was happy to oblige if there was something new to be experienced.

So the following Friday night, I drove up to London and met Sandra at her flat all arranged by Tim, we went for coffee and a sandwich and chatted.

She gave no hint of what was to come.

Walking back to her flat she asked if I would be able to stay over, and I obviously agreed.

We went straight into the bedroom where there were two single beds, I hadn't realised she had a flatmate who had gone away for the weekend.

Up to this point we hadn't barely touched and she just said let's get on with it, as she slipped out of her dress, and black underwear and slid into bed.

Seconds later I was alongside and she just switched on.

When it came to actually getting inside she said had I got a safe - yes we were still using condoms, the 60's were yet to come.

We ground away for ages and she managed several oragsms before I finally had to let it go.

She was only about 5'3" with a full chest, probably 34D, but rather hairy legs and a lot of hair on her back.

Her pussy was just delightful a mass of jet black but very soft hair.

Falling asleep entwined in each others arms is lovely.

Waking up with her sucking you dick is delightful.

Goodness only knows how many times she did it to me over the Saturday but at about 5pm we had to drive back to Sussex.

Now this Sandra had been a regular train commuter and shared a compartment with my father on many occasions.

Learning that I had given her a lift down after a 'party' last night he warned that I should be very careful as she had awful reputation !

Too late - I had been fucked to the eyeballs for a whole day - and loved every moment of it