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Sue in boots
Another girl who worked at the same factory as Melody was Sue.

She was a classy lady with a bit of an aloof posture.

We often had a drink after work and I assumed she was trying to get me to arrange her promotion.

One night we had been somewhere and I ran her home, she asked me in for coffee and I was sitting in the lounge waiting.

It was small cottage and eventually I heard 'I am ready' I wandered around to find her in bed stark naked with a big sly smile.

I undressed, climbed in, and gave her what she wanted.

She was clearly taken and suggested we do it again.

My wife was working a night shift nursing and so we had opportunity.

About 7.30 she would drive to my house always in long black boots, pretty blouse and skirt, Triumph underwear and stockings.

I would lay her down in front of the lounge fire and slowly undress her, caressing anything and everything as I went along.

It usually took 2 hours until she was completely naked.

Then she would take me on top of her and sometimes managed two orgasms before I could wait no longer and filled her up.

She would not do it any other way - always with me on top.

We did this for months, sometimes twice a week.