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Carol's birthday present
I spent my 40th birthday in California on business.

There were many odd japes performed during the day including 3 female staff at my office dressed up as whores and arriving at my desk to offer me favours.

At the end of proceedings, one of them whispered in my ear that she wanted to take me for a private drink after work.

I made sure I left when she did.

As we walked out of the building, she just said 'follow my car' which I did.

I was expecting to go to a typical lounge on the strip but we landed up at a pretty little house in a smart surburban area.

We went inside and she offered me a drink, which she duly mixed.

I took a sip and she explained quite carefully that she wanted to celebrate my birthday, and that at work it was difficult to even chat because we no need to talk at all.

She was determned that I would remember the day and I was so far away from home.

So she drags me by the hand into her bedroom, takes off my clothes and ushers me into bed, moments later she was naked beside me.

If I hadn't been willing I am sure that she would still have done it.

The most skilfull fuck in a long time, I just thought of England.

It took her nearly 2 hours to do all she had planned and then said that I must leave before her husband arrived!.

When I asked why she told me she always wanted to fuck a Limey and I was a special case AND it was my birthday.

Some personnel officer!