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Elaine and a San Diego lift
Later in the day on my 40th birthday, I went back to the hotel where I was staying and checked out the bar to no avail.

Having had a surprise fuck earlier, I went to the lift to go to bed and on floor 2 a tiny girl, but very pretty, got in the lift.

I immediately told her it was my birthday and would she like to come to my room for a drink.

She seemed hesitant but came along anyway assuring me she was 22 and could drink.

I opened the minibar and she chose scotch which disappeared very quickly so I topped it up.

We sat on the bed and I kissed her, she seemed compliant but didn't respond much.

I turned her over so she was face down on the bed with her toes still on the floor, lifted her skirt and ripped off her blue panties, I moved her legs apart a little and felt that she was wet.

I smeared a little oil around the outside of her pussy which looked so tiny and pushed in my willy.

She was small and very tight.

I reached the end of her hole very easily.

I grabbed her waist in my hands and found I could almost encircle her she was so small.

Pumping gently but firmly I came for the second time that evening.

The girl was almost whimpering and I thought might be crying, when I came out I took her in my arms and asked if she had a problem.

No! she was small and it always was a bit painful but she liked it anyway - she had given up getting fucked today and was going to bed like me - it was her birthday too!

We yacked for a while and then she said she had to leave and get rest because she had an early flight in the morning - never saw her again.