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The boss's girlfriend
I was working in the USA for a local company and my boss had been shafting his secretary but they had a falling out.

As soon as I arrived she offered to help with accomodation and settling in.

Nina was a good looking woman a bit younger than me, say 30, with a full body and a meaningful smile.

Within a week of arrival she had taken me to a social party and they fed me chocolate brownies full of hash - I had never had them before.

Nina took me to her place and quietly fucked my brains out, it was a long process and she took ages to come.

We did this a lot but the piece de resistance was weekends.

She had a classical Ford Mustang soft top, and we used to drive down to Mexico and run along the Baja peninsula to Ensenada.

We would find a lonely spot with just a hut or two and some peasants.

It was easy to order fresh lobster from a peasant who wo would catch and cook it for you.

We sat on the beach drinking champagne and eating fresh lobster.

It was warm enough to kip on the beach so we would just roll into a blanket and fuck till we slept.

Another in the morning, once she was squatting on me going up and down when a peasant lady brought coffee with a huge smile.

We did Saturday night on the beach many times.