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A sheep's stomach is useful ...
I regularly flew to Texas and stayed at the Marriott in Dallas.

Drinking was difficult because of dry areas but the hotel had a basement club which was licenced.

You had to buy membership but it was only $18.

Turning up at the entrance I was about to pay my fee when an angel approached me saying 'don't do that'.

All my friends are in there, they are prettier than me and I want you to myself.

We walked off down the corridor with her arm in mine chatting about who we were.

Margaret was a typical Texan wife, out with the girls and emancipated but the men didn't know it.

Her husband was rich and she drove a Jaguar E-type.

Within a few minutes we had gone to my room and we had a good grope.

She then asked me to fuck and I said I would love to but she had a problem, she could only use one type of old fashioned birth control, a sheep's stomach condom.

I had never heard of such a thing and certainly didn't have one.

So she gave me a blow job and asked if she could return the following evening to fuck.

Obviously I agreed and sure enough she appeared the next night and we put on this strange looking sock with a string, and then she really gave it one.

I thought the condom would break but she knew it was really strong.

She was noisy and just loved to pound up and down while I lay on my back.

When we had done it several times she started introducing me to her girlfriends but always made it clear I wasn't to stray.

We fucked every time I went to Dallas for months and I had to stop her sending me expensive presents from Niemann Marcus.

My main customer there was a government electronics contractor and the key contact invited me to a cocktail party when we signed a deal.

I turned up thinking that I might find another Texas lady to fuck.

I was horrified to discover that the guy who asked me was Margaret's husband - imagine the look on her face when he introduced us - only hours earlier I had been fucking her brains out.