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One night in the Quad cities
One of my main customers was in the Quad cities and I never really liked the cold.

I spent a lot of time indoors and usually booked the Marriott because it had lots of space.

At 7pm I walked past the bar towards the restaurant and saw a lovely thing sitting at the bar, alone, in a fur coat.

She seemed to be waiting for someone.

After dinner I went back to the bar which was filling up and she was still there.

It seemed right to go and sit beside her because I knew she had seen me taking an interest earlier.

I offered her a drink and she accepted.

A soon as it was delivered, someone asked her to dance.

The fur coat came off exposing an exquisite body in a long tight dress with shoestring straps.

I ignored the bloke and several people asked her to dance.

By 10am the place was packed and we were still sitting beside each other but she seemed to have no interest in me at all.

Suddenly she returned to her stool and asked me to dance.

It was a slow number and she talked in my ear while we danced.

One of the people who had been refused a dance was getting difficult and she asked me to escort her from the bar.

We left before the music finished and almost ran out the door.

Once we had got a fair way from the bar I asked her where to next and she said 'your room'

We went up in the lift and after a short grope got down to a serious fuck.

She was skilled and wanting. When she finally came, she lay back and thanked me profusely.

I had to find out what was going on, I learned she lived with her mum and they were moving to the west coast in the morning.

She wanted a nice goodbye to the city and I was it.

I explained I travelled a lot and could easily meet her at her new home but she was adamant that it was a one night stand for a reason and I had to just feel lucky!!