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If I start - you will think it's an earthquake!
I met Annie through an agency - she was looking for a sex relationship with someone who would appreciate it - her simple choice, find a married man who was not getting any.

A good six foot tall and blonde with short hair and an ample figure - in fact she was actually a bit plump.

We had a couple of pleasant dates drinking and eating around.

On the third occasion I was pleased to be taken to the local pub because it meant she was happy to be seen with me.

She got very drunk and I couldn't because eventually I had to drive.

Instead of going back to her Welsh bungalow and having a good grope I was lead straight into her bedroom and told to get naked.

She did the same and we climbed into her not very large bed.

She was the most energetic lover and once she actually got moving she insisted on being sat on top of me because I neither went fast or hard enough.

She pumped with a sex-starved vengeance.

When I was getting a bit concerned about how long she might do this for, she yelled that she was finally going to cum.

She screamed violent sexual abuse at me which was a fitting climax to her exertions.

Just as I thought it was all over there was a final crescendo of pumping and moments later a loud crash as the bed fell to pieces and we were in a heap of broken timber and bed linen on the floor.

She had been extraordinarily wet during the whole experience and splurged a great deal as she came.

Now she was giggling her heart out and promptly peed all over the place.

Fortunately I was naked and my clothes were afar.

I helped re-assemble the bed but it was too far gone.

I showered and went home leaving her to sleep in her spare bed.

A week or so later she asked me to return a book I had borrowed and I duly took it along one evening by surprise.

She announced that a carpenter had made her bed secure and he assured her it was now unbreakable.

We talked and suddenly she seemed to decide she was going to do it again.

She removed my clothes and threw me back on the bed, this time I really worked hard at giving here a giant physical screw.

At several points feeling that I might even injure her.

But no, some hour or so later and she is back on top screaming and pumping like a banjee on drugs.

Her lubrication became a pool we slopped about in, my willy was really beginning to wonder how much longer - when she finally shook herself into perfect oblivion.

We showered one after the other, her shower was tiny, and then she said that she didn't want to see me anymore.

I didn't work that out until I visited somewhile later to see how she was and I found she had a bloke moved in.