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Sex in a car
She and I worked in the same building for years.

Technically single, she had a regular boyfriend but I think he was married.

Somewhere along the line I managed to persuade her that dinner out might be fun.

We went to Llandudno and had a nice meal and then walked along the beach - we found a seaside shelter and as soon as I turned to her and kissed her, one leg went right up my up back.

She was wearing one of those teddy things which is a bit like armourplate so I decided she wanted a tickle but not to get fucked.

A week later we went to the coast again and on the way back in my blue Scorpio, I pulled over for a good grope.

She was undoing her blouse as I leaned over and in no time at all the seat was back and I was pumping into her.

She seemed almost relieved and said - 'I knew that would happen'.

A few nights later we were looking for a little hidey hole nearer home and eventually found a small place up a mud track.

I slid into the passenger seat and put the back down, she squatted over me and was rushing to get around my dick.

I pulled open her blouse and released the front loading bra.

She was a big girl and I was quite surprised when it all came out in the half darkness.

The she started to pump really quite hard as though she was needing it.

Her tits were flying up and down and I was getting very wet from all the lubrication she was leaking out.

Her loud moans were enough to get me worried that we might attract attention.

Finally she came and then I just followed, she was so out of breath she struggled to say 'thank you'.

It was one of the most exciting fucks because she really went for it.

We cleaned up and drove to her home talking about anything but the screaming and pumping from moments before - just delightful.

Two weeks later I was at her house on the hill looking to get her going again.

I laid her on her bed face down with her feet on the floor and massaged her back with oil.

Slowly I concentrated on her bum and then slid my hand down to oil up her pussy.

Then I oiled my willy and rammed in her hole at the same pressure she had used in the car when on top of me.

She yelled in mixed surprise and pain and came almost immediately while I struggled as there was no friction anywhere.

Finally I made it and we showered off.

I began to realise I didn't really fancy it any more and she remarked she was concerned about getting compromised, so we parted good friends.