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Helicopter Princess
I had a friend who was always chasing women and usually had several in tow at one time.

He introduced me to Tara.

She visted me several times with him and always gave me a big hug.

One day when we met I said she should come alone.

She knew my mate was fucking around and seemed to like the idea.

We arranged to go to an art show and stay over in a B&B.

Up to this point we had groped a little but nothing very serious.

She talked about enjoying sex and not just penetration.

Before dinner we retired to the bedroom and had to change.

As soon as she had less on I pushed her on the the bed and we had a good snog.

I was in knickers and socks and suddenly I realised her toe was pulling my knickers off while we writhed about.

I didn't even notice her panties diappearing and was removing her bra when she just slid me in - wonderful and so skilled.

We shagged away for a while and then realised we had to get on, so showered, dressed and went to dinner.

Back that evening we did it again and it was just lovely.

A week or two later I arranged to take her away again to a largish hotel in the middle of Wales where I knew thay had a room with a jacuzzi.

The deal was dinner, bed and breakfast - she didn't know about the jacuzzi.

We arrived and were taken to the room.

I pulled cold champagne from my case and lit about ten candles to illuminate the bed and bath only to discover she was bleeding.

We seemed to be in bed quite quickly and she was holding the iron bedhead with her hands and had her toes entwined in the ironwork beside her hands.

I manipulated her clit until she screamed at me to do it all over again.

We didn't actually fuck, too messy, we went to supper and then when we got back upstairs I filled the bath.

After some hour or two in the bath messing about in the bubbles and jets we found some oil and as she kneeled in front of me I oiled her bumhole.

I spent ages giving her a total bum session and she was writing with pleasure.

She moaned and moaned and I just kept at it.

Finally she turned and violently wanked me off with a handful of oil.

We dried and went to bed exhausted.

We fucked a few more times and suddenly she was getting permanentcy signals from my mate so she went away.

I bought her gifts - quite expensive but never regretted a penny.

One of these was to take a birthday ride in a helicopter - an hour of great fun.