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Do you know where you are? asks the Secretary
Every few days I would go back to their house.

She was married now and he was at sea most of the time and she needed it.

I had a house key and after work would divert via their abode.

On this particular spring day it was pretty normal at first, we yacked for a bit and then went upstairs to her bedroom, she pulled the curtains to hide us but I always said that it drew attention to what might be going on.

I sat on the bed and slipped off my shoes.

She unzipped my jeans and pulled them right off, together with my knickers.

I lay back on the bed and she slipped out of her wide chequered skirt and panties in one movement and then slid off the white sweater.

She picked up the pink Baby Lotion bottle always at hand and quietly fingered it around my aching cock.

Her favourite lubricant and for some reason she didn't mind sucking it.

She kneeled over me and then I was in without so much as a bit of hesitation.

We lay there still for a moment and she said, 'do you realise where you are?'.

I then guessed that it must be back and not front and said 'yes yes it is so nice and tight', but actually could not tell the difference.

Her two holes were very close and in this position just felt exactly the same.

She slowly pumped away and we came together in a frenzied climax that was just so good, she moaning away and me giggling with delight.

We fucked on that bed many times but never quite the same way twice.