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The Assitant Matron
Went to a local girls private boarding school one evening - probably as dancing partners.

Watching the whole process was a comely wench with blond hair and a full rounded figure.

After some investigation I discovered she was employed at the school as the assistant to the matron.

This meant she was a bit older and her body looked ripe.

Within a few days I was in her room at the school and she was standing there in a black bra and tearing off her girdle saying hurry up !

We had a a fairly rough fuck, she was very hot having lost a her virginity a while earlier and wanted more a lot more.

But we got disturbed and I had to make a hasty exit.

Later Carol stayed at my parents house for a weekend - in the spare room of course.

After all had settled I tip toed along the landing to her room and found her wide awake in transparent baby doll pyjamas.

We managed to get the knickers of and have a nice quiet fuck but a bit strained because of the nearness of my sisters.

The second night I slipped into her bed again and ran my hand from her ankle up her leg to find that the babydolls were now just a one piece and I just went straight in.

We became regular lovers in all sorts of places, her step father worked at ICL and drove home to Norfolk on the weekend in his Rolls, I used to drive him and then fuck Carol wherever we had the chance.

After a couple of months she went to Venezuela to live with a wealthy shool friend.

We didn't write letters just sent cassette tapes.

On one I could here gunfire and when I enquired she said that the peasants were fighting again.

She didn't care, the family helicopter took her to the beach.

They owned a string of smart magazines a la Vogue and the following month Carol was the cover picture on their mags.

She finally married the first love of her life - a 3 brain cell farmer - I think he had a big cock.