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That tickles says the Secretary
It is Sunday morning, a beautiful day and I am cruising north to their house in the Jag.

I lift the centre armrest and pick up the cellphone.

In moments we are talking and she announces that I am to park around the corner and let myself in with my key.

She is going to be in the shower.

I was determined this was a special opportunity and planned it out in my mind.

Going upstairs into the tiny bathroom she was rinsing off under the shower in the sparkling morning light.

Just magic over her perfect small and hard boobs with cold nipples fully erect.

I grabbed the Pears soap (which she always used) and frothed it up in my hands.

I rubbed it liberally over her shoulders and down her back, repeatedly getting a bit of water from the shower.

She looked at me expectantly. I moved the activity around to the front and covered her tits in foam.

More water and I went back to her bum, rounding it all on the outside.

Then I slipped the soap between her legs and pounded her sweet bush with the Pears lump to get it it really frothy.

I worked the foam into a thick mess between her legs and she started to make a point about where all the concentration was going and that there was lots of skin left to soap.

I suddenly pushed my left middle finger up her cunt and my right middle finger up her arse.

She yelped with surprise and then just closed her eyes in total pleasure.

I worked her all around to ensure she was spotlessly clean for the next phase.

My plan was to give her a proper gentle rimming and she really deserved it after all the arse fucks she had given me.

I dried her off and nearly changed my mind, as she bent over the bath hanging on while i towelled her dry her from behind little slit peeped at me through her legs.

But I relented and proceeded to drag her into the bedroom where I threw her on the bed.

She was anticipating and being very laid back at the same time but clearly curious at the new turn of events.

She was face down on the edge of the quite high bed and her little brown hole was waiting for me.

As I approached I couldn't help a chuckle and the little breath of air made her convulse and collapse on the floor in a budle of giggles.

'That tickles - what are you trying to do'? she asked

I explained that it was all so that she was nice and clean for a rimming.

So she leans over for the pink lotion once more, fingers it around my little Richard and instructs me to do it properly so I shoved it in hard before she changed her mind.

Her needs were actually greater than mine and she relished the violent arse fuck resulting from being thwarted yet again.