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Nights in the Lake District
I was approached by a lady who had found my website and wanted to meet.

After a protracted email exchange I discovered she was resident in Italy.

She sent me a picture which was not very informative but which made her look nice.

After several more emails she suggested she come and meet me and fuck.

I was amazed that she would be so up front but it seemed to be a fun idea.

She arrived at Manchester airport and was exacly like her photo but with a huge body underneath.

She was a stereotypical large girl with a pretty face and a huge smile.

She spoke quite good english and we drove up to the Lake District to a hotel reservation.

When we arrived at the hotel I wasn't very keen on this mountain of fat, but she was determined to make the best use of the short time we were scheduled to have together.

We stripped and I ran a hot bath, I washed her all over and as she seemed to like the soapy massage I did the two finger trick mentioned in story 29.

She seemed to like it and we dried off and slid into bed.

I poked her from every angle - some more tricky than others - eventually I came but she didn't seem to.

We had dinner and she spent the whole meal groping my bits with her toe under the table.

Back in the room after a short stroll around the gardens she jumped on me and rogered me for ages.

She eventually came in a great wobble of fat and lay back exhausted beside me.

At about 3am she was playing with me again to get me hard and sat on me yet again.

This was repeated at 7am and then we had a shower and breakfast.

During the day we toured around the Lakes / hills and had a snack at a wayside cafe.

She wanted to do it in a field but it was soaking wet and we were not prepared.

Back at the hotel we had dinner brought up to the room and I made her realise my willy was a bit sore.

So she relented and quietly massaged it until I came yet again.

She did this again in the middle of the night.

We drove back to Manchester and she was trying to get me me fucked in the car but she was too big !

She disappeared through the departure lounge door and I went home.

For the next year I was inundated by email, postcards etc etc

I got flowers and chocolates.

I got wine.

She STILL sends me a reminder now and then after more than TEN YEARS....