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In Switzerland for a couple of days
I found her on the Internet by some means which I forget.

We arranged to meet in a posh coffee bar in Nantwich.

She was really nice but had a hard working husband who had lost interest in anything except his business.

Regular safe sex was her need and I was about to go to Switzerland for a few days on a course.

It seemed an ideal opportunity.

My course had everyone booked in the same hotel and a plan which said we ate as a group.

This got a bit awkward but we managed to work around it by meeting as soon as possible after dinner and I went to see her in her hotel room.

She blew my brains out, she believed in give and take sex.

She was happy to do everything with gusto and then wanted it back.

She did one of the best blow jobs I ever had, and managed to get me very excited just by fooling around.

We fucked several times and then I went back to school in the morning.

That evening she waited in my hotel room and we did it all over again.

I was getting so I had really had had enough and needed a break.

So I sent her back to the other hotel and she skipped in the morning obviously pissed off.

We talked some when I got back but she had decided that she needed 3 fucks a day and I wasn't really available for that.

Little did she seem to realise that I could not manage that !

Came across her socially just by chance and she pretended we had never met.

Then tried to get me in the loo for a quickie in the middle of the party.

It was too risky and I declined.

Later I saw her coming out of the loo with another guy so she clearly had scored ...