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The Goodfella woman
One sunny day when we had an exhibition and a couple who looked very average walked in.

My mate Fred later reported that the wife, about 50 but slim and quite sprightly looking, had made a distinct pass at him while her husband drank a lot of wine.

Subsequently she approached me to have some boudoir pictures taken as it turned out she was a life drawing model and fancied the whole idea of some 'nice pictures for hubby'.

This was the start of a tempestuous relationship.

I took some quite nice stuff of her in a sort of 'subdued nude' genre.

She was ecstatic about the pictures and over the next few weeks spent a load of time telling me that she needed model work for money and my body for fun.

When I turned on the pressure she backed off.

It turned out she had a much older guy in tow that her husband knew about and tolerated.

She was unsure about introducing a a third lover and the husband's possible reaction.

Then I dsicovered that the old boy just got a good stroke now and then and she basically gave him a hand job because he could not get hard enough to penetrate.

Then I realised that a decent cock was what she needed - her husband had refused to fuck more that often than the first Sunday morning in the month and then only under pressure.

We then had some good few weeks of regular and very pleasing fucks.

I got to the point where I realised that she was up for more and encouraged her to do blow-jobs under risky conditions.

Perhaps I should state at this point that I took a photo of her doing the business and having manipulated it somewhat, had it shown in a national exhibtion for a month - and noone worked out what it was a picture of.

She became very giving and yet demanding at the same time, she would ask what I liked and then insist on getting on with it when at any time someone might have walked in.

One of her legacies was that she introduced me to Liquid Silk - amazing stuff!

Towards the end she developed an amazing knack of penetrating my arse with a very Silky finger whilst doing a combination blowjob with the other hand.

She would pump both ends with great speed and synchronous enthusiasm.

On several occasions she had orgasms whilst doing this.

She finally moved on and I was pleased to see the back of it as her behaviour became impossible.

However she filled a quiet patch and the early fucks were quite rewarding.