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The Judge
Once I had got rid of the Goodfella Woman, there was a bit of a lean patch.

I spent a bit of time on dubious adult friends websites looking for some nookie.

After a lot of useless trawling, I was approached by a woman called Sandy.

It took forever to get to meet.

She was very coy and wanted lots of background information before she would contemplate meeting.

It turned out that she was working in a high profile part time job in the NHS and doubling as a circuit judge.

The last thing she needed was even her impotent husband finding out she had taken a lover.

I wasn't the first by a long chalk.

To achieve anonymity she travelled long distances once a month when hubby was abroad and got rogered by the odd plumber, surgeon, shopkeeper whatever.

She couldn't stand the long gaps in between and sought a more local but trustworthy accomplice.

That was me !

So one day when she came to my place of work I had laid out a nice mattress on the floor and told her to get her knickers off.

As soon as she realised we were behind locked doors she instantly stripped and I gave a it a strenuous poke.

Basically she just took it and did not really contribute.

Her problem was that she liked the idea of sex and wanted desparately to enjoy it.

I don't think she really did because her mind wasn't really in it.

Her actions were mecahnical and almost book learned.

She dressed like a teenager and even at 50 and I could not persuade her that nice undies counted for so much.

Her bras and knicks didn't match and were ugly and boring.

Short skirts and flowery blouses are not essentially sexy however good your legs are !

We took a day in a local hotel and arranged to stay the night.

I planned a series of atheletic fucks with some nice food and a full body lavender massage thrown in.

I wanted to do it doggy style and she had never tried it !

When I got her on her knees on the bed I tried to make her lean down to give me a good view of where I was going.

She kept turning around to see what I was doing and defeated the object of the dominant screw.

I fucked here really hard and she cried out that it was lovely, but I reckon she was faking it !

After a series of not very good experiences with her I managed to persuade Lesley that we should have sex - so as soon as that was seroiusly on the cards I dumped Sandy - she was very pissed off !

She made several atemps to re-kindle the relationship but I had a better opportunity.