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Lesley act 1 - in the beginning
For several years I had known this woman as a customer and sort of 'good acquaintance'.

She dressed well and seemed to have a sensible family existance.

Husband in good job, 2 teenage sons and a big house locally.

She appeared to have similar views on several subjects and I treasured her as a platonic soul mate.

If you asked, her friends that would say she was 'prim and proper' and rightly so.

Most of the time she was very serious and it took a bit of effort to get her laughing for more than just a short response.

Got the picture? Little miss well behaved!! butter will not melt in her mouth, never swears, stands her ground in an argument and was happy to have a few glasses of wine but rarely, too many.

One day she when I asked how she was she said that times were hard and that she had problems with her husband.

I did not really see much in it but suddenly she was close to tears.

I made all the right noises and she immediately perked up.

The next time we met, she was taking me to lunch for a little favour I had done and she again touched on the un-happy family background.

Eventually she intimated that she was NOT having any sex.

She never actually said so but I read a frustration into the little she admitted.

After lunch we were standing in reception in my office and she turned to say goodbye and I put my arms around her and kissed her deeply.

It was the first time that I thought I might get away with it and she was extraordinarily responsive.

Then she broke away and was gone.

I got an email a few hours later - what was on my mind?

I stated boldly that I wanted a discreet affair because I never got sex from my wife.

She repled that she had assumed that but wanted to make sure.

I then had to ask if she was up for it and she said let's meet and discuss.

We arranged to have supper at a hotel near Birmingham on her way back from a business do.

The large bed was very inviting but I wasn't sure and had to get back before it was too late.

I didn't want to rush the first one.

Then we met again at the studio and that was a wonderful snog on a large bed I had upstairs.

Ages later she said that she had told me to get on with it but because I was deaf I had missed it !.