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Lesley - in the beginning
For several months we fucked once or twice a week.

She kisses as well as any one I ever knew.

To start with, I was always walking on eggshells. I never knew what 'miss prim and proper' was up for.

We had a lot of very satisfying straight sex and she was one of the most receptive females I had ever had.

If she was lying on her back and I approached her missionary style she would bring her knees right up and widen her legs apart in the most welcoming manner.

As soon as I went in she would pull herself on to me.

She has really deep orgasms and although we became adept at the quickie, where she would come within a few minutes, on several occasions she would do it several times if we had an hour or two together.

I had cited my philosophy of give and take.

This had started with Jacqui and continued with the Secretary.

One has such good sex that you can afford to give all for a couple of sessions knowing you are going to get it back later on another occasion.

There is no counting or tracking of who came and when just a bloody good fuck.

This means that I have had to learn to hold back, otherwise at my age you go all soft and useless after you come.

The place where we mostly got together was my studio but it was deathly cold without clothes on climbing into a freezing bed.

Sometimes we would just remove the minimum of clothes to allow connection becaue it was so bloody cold.

There were notable occasions which stick in my mind, frenzied lust over a plan chest that failed because it was too high or I was too short.

An absolutely wonderful mutual orgasm when she kneeled on top of me on my brown sofa.

Staying at a hotel in Telford and spending hours locked together.