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The secretary in a Norfolk Hotel
We regularly visited an advertising agent in Norwich.

The run was long enough to force a stay over and we always managed one night.

Sometimes it was two.

On this particular occasion we had dinner out and because noone knew about the affair we were in adjoining rooms.

There was a room/room connecting door.

As soon as we were alone we opened the door and one of us migrated to the other room.

She got ready in a long black one piece dress and as I followed her out of the hotel main door she grabbed my hand and wiped her bum with it.

It became obvious very quickly that she was not wearing knickers, had stockings on and the dress was thin silk.

I was hard all through dinner and tried to cut the evening short.

On top of everything else the advertising guy and I were plotting a practical joke on the secretary and we had to meet at the hotel after she had left us for bed.

The only way to do this was to say goodnight and then re-meet the guy.

He wanted to come into my room but I didn't need him to realise we had connecting doors.

The mood she was in meant she might have swanned in with nothing on!

So we met in the bar and he eventuallly went.

I went to bed and she came in and blew my cock in a very sensational manner - she only touched me with her lips after first giving me a good coating of pick baby lotion.

She seemed to enjoy the taste.

Normally I would have bum fucked her in the evening but I went a bit soft and she kissed me and went back to her room.

I awoke the next morning to realise she was in bed with me and because one knee was pulled right up she could access my bum crease.

She ran the ends of her fingers gently sliding over my arsehole for just ages - what a way to wake up !

As soon as she realised I was hard enough she covered me in baby lotion again and then sat on me.

She was tight because her arse was very taught and she had perfected exercising the sphincter on my dick.

We came together in a noisy crescendo and then had to dress for breakfast after a long joint shower where I used a lot of soap and two fingers on her pink and brown holes.

On the way back we did it again see story no 2