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Lesley at the Old Rectory
I had just come back from down under with a bag full of pretty undies.

We met at the Rectory for dinner and a night together.

I was very jet-lagged having got off a 15000 mile aeroplane ride the day before.

Dinner was quite un-sophisticated and served without much skill.

We got into bed having agreed that after 3 weeks apart we should go slowly because we had plenty of time to enjoy it.

However this seemed a good plan but reality set in and we had a good fuck with her doing her usual very noisy orgasm, in this case two.

We slept.

I was awoken to a sensation of my back being stroked, this was very nice and developed into quite a hard massage which extended down over my bum.

I was still half asleep when she rolled me over, but really quite hard.

She knelt over me and covered my willy with liquid silk.

She then quietly sat on me, seconds after I started to go in I realised I was up her arse.

She pushed me right in and it was beatifully tight.

Then she started to pump and almost immediately I had to stop her or I would have come.

She played the game and repeatedly worked me up to frenzy point.

Finally I had to admit I was dying for a pee and would never make it so I was allowed out!

This was the culmination of a lot of discussion and several vain attempts to get her to relax enough to take me in.

The sensation was amazing aided and abetted by the knowledge that she had sponsored the fuck all by herself.