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Sex at her house - Lesley
I never thought this could happen.

She no longer sleeps with her husband, so her bedroom is feminine and she sleeps on a very comfortable bed we christened in it's old home.

She mailed me to say that on this Tuesday she was alone from 9am til 3pm.

Her husband was away on a job all day and both kids in college.

She met me at the door in her spectacles, shiny dressing gown and the pink cami I bought in NZ.

We went upstairs and I could not get my clothes off fast enough.

She was gagging for it and had really risen to the suggestion that she might make me more excited by not wearing her day clothes.

We fucked for a full 3 hours until I could hold it no more and came quite violently.

Having talked for nearly an hour I asked the time and suggested she work on my willy with her lovely magic fingers because it was stirring already.

She was quite surprised by this, but was soon sitting on top of me and eventually came with noisy gusto followed by a deep orgasm that clearly had the earth shaking !