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Lesley at the Royal
I had a Swedish student working with me for 3 days a week over 9 months.

Great body.

But, she had an English boyfriend.

Eventually she had to go home and threw a party to which I was invited.

I left early to go to the party but actually diverted to the Royal Hotel where I had booked a room.

Lesley joined me there and we had planned to have a good session.

We landed up in a spoons position - me behind.

She reached down and pushed me in and it was tight so I thought I was up her arse.

I finally came and it was a mind blowing cum.

I pulled out quickly and rushed off to wash myself.

When I got back she announced I was in the front not the back.

She said I will do anything for you and this was the first time I felt she was up for whatever I wanted.

Off I went to the party just across the bridge for a few drinks and then crashed at the hotel until Sunday morning.