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Lesley - hillside virgin
We went for a picnic at Lake Vyrnwy and parked at the side of a stream feeding the lake.

There was sight of the road but very little traffic.

I tried to re-assure here we could do it if she sat on me with her skirt covering everything, but she was clearly frightened of being noticed.

Some while later we were up amongst the sheep beyond Llangynog, picnicing with cold champagne and a lovely salad lunch.

She was happy to roll around on the rug but I got very horny.

She said that we couldn't do it because we might be seen.

Some months later we parked across the road from the previous place and had a good view of the path leading up.

After G&T's and some prawn salad I suggested she lie down and be petted heavily.

She seemed ok with it.

After nearly an hour she just wanted to do it and lay down flat pulling me on top of her.

I plunged in and after a heavy load of pumping we came together in glorious song.

We mopped up and sauntered off home.

That evening she mailed me to say she was a hillside virgin - had NEVER had sex out of doors !!

On another occasion we parked up in Bala Woods and found a nice tree and it was my birthday.

She was very hot and I was sitting against the tree with her kneeling over me.

We had a lot of lube in play and I found her anus was nicely at the end of my fingers.

The sphincter was heavily distended as she came and I rubbed it furiously as we came together.

She was all of a shimmer at the end and could not bear me to touch anything.

The orgasm was so intense she actually asked me to desist.

A couple of weeks went by.

The sun shone and I went for a drive.

We returned to Bala and had prawn salad picnic by another tree.

The forest road was about 20 yards away but there was noone about.

She decided to give me a blowjob and I was lying there with my eyes shut groaning quietly when she leapt up.

I looked up to see 6 walkers going down the track !.

Lesley did not know what to do or say so developed a fit of giggles.

I told her she had better jump on top and come before they came back.

So she did that and made a lot of noise.

We scarpered and giggled for ages afterwards.