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The red sofa
I arranged a dinner out and Lesley came to collect me.

She arrived a tad early and I had hoped she would be in stockings.

Walking through the door she grabbed me and started that long slow very light weight kiss that is so sexy when it is the first one.

We explored each other and it was patently obvious she was in stockings, so I slid my hand up her skirt and slipped a finger in the back of her knickers and yanked them down.

Meanwhile she was undoing my jeans and pushing them down to my ankles.

I then slumped back to sit on the lovely red leather sofa in my hall with her kneeling and straddling me.

She was very tight so I got her to stand up and give me a good suck so I was nice and wet.

I got inside and she came very noisily and quickly but everything seemed a bit uncomfortable.

She giggled and said I had hooked the suspender belt as well as her knickers and the whole caboodle was wrapped around her ankles.

We jiggled and she leaned down to undo things and also removed an ankle boot so her ankles could come apart.

I then grabbed her hips and started to push here up and down again, moments later she came again, very violently and shaking all over for quite a while.

She nearly always yells a lot.

She then said it was time for sups so we washed, dressed and left.

The whole double fuck had only been 35 minutes.

Later that evening, we got back from the pub and she said 'I have ten minutes and then must go'.

Again she started to kiss me quite violently with her tongue roving all over the place, not so long after she started, she undid my jeans and thrust her hands inside.

She was grasping and stroking my shaft in a very light way and tickling me under the balls with the other hand.

I suggested I sit down and she immediately pulled the jeans to my ankles.

I threw a cushion on the floor in front of me and she continued to delight my willy whilst kneeling in front of me.

Since I had not cum when we were on the red sofa earlier I was really up for it.

She just knew she could easily make me cum and in spite of me moaning with increasing pleasure she kept up the two handed stroking.

When I realised that I would inevitably spurt I yelled 'suck me' and pulled her head down on my cock.

She did an amazing job of sucking the whole of my dick and I came with a huge rush - the sensation running right back through the tubes to my arse.

She drank my little spurt and smiled with great satisfaction, kissing the end of my dick and then pushing her tongue back in my mouth.

Of course she was now late and had to rush out the door.

I like stockings !