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A bathroom for starters
I was living near Palm Springs California.

We had a load of UK visitors to the house, most of whom we knew and they were people that enjoyed a cheap stay in the USA.

Occasionally, just a couple of lads from our UK village that maybe we hardly knew.

They would earn their keep with hard labour in the yard.

We knew this couple, the husband worked for the same company as me.

He was an accountant and a bit boring.

We had been very friendly with him and his lovely wife.

His wife was vivacious and very pretty and the subject of a lot of yearning by local men.

It was rumoured she was having an affair with a local eligible bachelor.

She dropped in one day, un-announced and unexpected.

I got home from work to find her in deep conversation with the wife and to learn that Hannah would be staying 2 nights.

I was late home on the second night and everyone had gone to bed, but Hannah was in the bath.

Horrified that it was late and that she must be asleep and possibly drowned, I got a screwdriver and opened the bathroom door.
(The lock was designed so we could get open it when the kids locked themselves in)

She was fast asleep and my entry awoke her.

I placed a towel over her as she stood up and I left her to dry off.

She was a bit surprised to see me but it was obvious they had been drinking a lot of wine and both were a very pissed.

Having gone to my bedroom the wife was comatose with drink and unlikely to want sex.

I always slept in the nude and proceeded to the kitchen to get a glass of water for my bedside.

The house was open plan so I could see the sofa where Hannah was under the duvet in the small amount of light from the street lights at the end of the garden.

As I stood stark bollock in the kitchen doorway she whispered 'Hi'.

I walked over in the low light, bollock naked, and sat on the sofa beside her.

She pulled me down and I kissed her.

She was naked and warm.

The next moment she was shuffling the duvet and dragging me on top of her on the sofa.

She whispered 'we both married the wrong person'.

I got very hard, she was very wet, it just slid in without any effort to line ourselves up.

She moved very slowly and quietly and after a long and delicious screw she came with her whole body shimmering, but she was very quiet.

When it was over she said in my ear 'now you' and I gave her a few pumps and then spurted inside her.

She seemed to be very happy and clasped me tightly to her.

As my dick collapsed she let me go and said 'thanks'.

We lay for a while and then I said I had better get back to my bed.

Wifey was still knocked out and had no idea what time I arrived.

The next morning at breakfast Hannah was in a nightie, so she had been expecting/hoping I would call !

The wife had no input from Hannah that I had awoken her from the bath the night before.

Later that day I took her to the Airport to fly up to San Francisco.

She didn't mention anything about the night before.

As she was about to leave she kissed me quite hard and said 'thank you' and a bit later 'that was quite lovely'.

'I only came here to do that if I could manage it - I always wanted to'.

And then she was gone.

We lost touch and never saw them again.