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Helen in Portugal
Helen on holiday

In the 80's I took photo models to Portugal on holiday in a villa so my friend and I could take pictures in the local amazing light.

We always kept well apart from a bed viewpoint. Sex didn't really mix with the intended activity.

The second year we were approached by my favourite model who said she would come along for free as she had enjoyed the previous year so much.

This girl was a muse.

Every shot I took worked well and she was a lovely well endowed girl having very firm and pert tits.

She modelled lingerie for a well known high street store catalogue.

She had wanted some nude shots and a couple of mornings we went to the beach at dawn to get the light and no onlookers.

After a week of shooting her in the nude and partly dressed, we were on our way home.

At the local airport, Faro, we were waiting for the plane and she was wearing one of those slinky shell suit one piece zip fronted overall things.

She was standing chatting and I realised her nipples were showing a large pair of bumps through the suit.

I whispered in her ear that she had been nude all week but was now looking sexier than ever.

She turned and smiled - 'but you never asked me !' - I realised I had missed a golden opportunity, we could have had such fun.