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Another first - a tiny pile of hair
I hadn't seen Lesley for 3 weeks because of Christmas.

She came around to sort out some photographs and delightfully wifey was out doing unexpected charity work.

I explained to Lesley that we had an hour or so to make up for lost time.

We had previously discussed what she might wear on this occasion and I expected a full skirt, stockings and no knickers.

I fantasied she might come bra less since I said she would have to wrap up anyway.

Imagine my surprise when she turned up in slacks.

She NEVER wears panties under slacks but on this occasion was in bright red bra and knicks that I bought in NZ.

Somewhat thrown by the unexpeceted outfit I warmed when during that first warm SOFT kiss, I found I could slide my hands up her sweater and unhook the bra.

Her nipples were like bullets and as soon as I touched them she was getting happier.

She got a lot of breast and nipple massage and was trying to get my clothes off.

I took her to a low sofa and made lie down. I removed the offending slacks and panties while she just grinned at me.

I an my fingers up and down the inside of her thighs and just brushed her fanny now and again.

She had recently waxed and has a stupid little knot of hair left - I told her it had to go. I kissed her all around the hair - a very nice smooth bump she has.

I lunged down to he pussy and ran my tongue all around the entrance, while I lay beside her.

Then turning around, I pulled her bum to the edge of the sofa and pushed her legs way up by holding them behind the knees.

Next I went back to the pussy and tongued her clit until she started to moan.

After a while she got quite worked up so I started to suck her clit, as she screamed out in pleasure I upped the pressure and sucked quite hard.

Her body writhed and eventually she could take no more and pushed my shoulders away.

She was completely spent and grinning like a cheshire cat.

She didn't know what to say because she never came that way before and didn't think that kissing her pussy was worth while.

I finally let her get my jeans off and after she applied some lovely greasy glide sat on top of me.

Just a few pimps and I was ready to cum.

I hung in there, stopping her repeatedly, but eventually couldn't hold on anymore.

She was a bit taken aback as she thought she was going to manage another one but we just ran out of time and I had to let it go.

I am looking forward to a completely bald pussy next time - I always liked that from afar but never became a fan until she was waxed - shaving is useless