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The Brazilian
Lesley and I talked a lot about sex act wishlists.

I could never get her to give me hers but she would often say things like, I have always liked 'such and such' but ONLY after we had done it.

Some while back when talking about all the new things we did together she let slip that she had expected me to ask her to shave her pussy.

I commented that it had been an early fantasy when all my teenage girl-friends has mega bushes.

Some even bright ginger!

But after I was married to my first wife an early affair with a daft nurse from the local hospital had failed because she shaved her pussy and I got awful beard rash from the 2-3 day stubble!

Worse it was red, blotched and ugly.

Since then I was a muff-diver.

Lesley then says the only way to do it is waxing.

Next time I am down there she has removed all the edge hair and left a neat triangle which looked nice.

On successive visits to my current favourite pussy, she had removed more and more hair.

Recently she had just the a tiny little lump of hair with roots only inside a 1cm circle at the top of that magic little slit we all so love.

All the skin around was not only bare / bald / waxed BUT so smooth !

The skin is really soft and the last piece of hair spoiled the overall affect.

I begged her to finish it off and she moaned that it was a labour of love and extreme pain to remove hair from her oh-so-sensitive pussy, but promised to give it a go.

At the next 4 hour meeting in our hideaway, I expected her to be bald. I didn't feel and I didn't look and eventually she had to say 'look it is all gone' and feels more sensitive than with the tiny piece of hair.

Early on in this session she sat on me 'a la cowboy' and ran the outside of her pussy up and down my rigid shaft covered in Liquid Silk.

She quickly came before I even got inside her.

Noisy and, because it had been a while, a very deep orgasm.

We discussed at some length the benefit of the shaving but the real present for me was the beautiful appearance of the waxed pussy when I held her ankles up while she was on her back.

Her pussy was much more exciting to look at and even more so watching me go in.

Finally I gave it a good suck and the pleasure of not getting hairs in your teeth combined with the sensation of the really smooth, almost baby like, skin was amazing.

It is high maintenance, because it needs re-doing a lot - preferably a few hours before play.

The visual impact is almost as strong as the texture and feel of it.

So - it looks good, - it feels wonderful AND she is much more sensitive with the hair all gone.