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Beads yes, jewellery no
For some while I have wanted to test if anal beads were as good as people say.

Having bought a string some while back I was finding it difficult to bring up the subject with Lesley.

Recently we managed an overnight stay away and met at a hotel in Warwickshire.

I arrived at 3.30pm and realised I had no spare batteries for my little magic whizzer.

So I popped to the the local A5 garage and bought some AAA Duracells.

On the last local hotel daytime session I introduced the vibrator and she was fascinated by the potential.

It is a small ball shaped thing with a tiny sort of nose like a mole and the end is very soft and flexible.

Her clit is far too sensitive to vibrate directly but she loved it wiggling just inside her arse.

The last thing I needed was for the batteries to die while she was enjoyng it.

I have been teasing Lesley that I wanted her to strip for me.

We always seemed to undress together or undress each other.

On the previous overnight stay I couldn't be in bed when she arrived because the hotel room door required a key and we had discussed it.

So she was quite aware that I wanted this little performance.

Now she is prim and proper when dressed and amongst her family, peers, friends or anybody else but alone with me is quite different.

She is anything but once I get her into bed.

She is a 100% erogenous zone.

She fucks with almost magic enthusiasm.

She is noisy when she comes and will call out bad words if she is really excited.

She would never say fuck in public but whispers it in my ear 'fuck me hard'

So she arrives at 5pm on the dot as promised.

Sheepishly looks at me already in the four poster and sits on the bed and kisses me.

I take off her glasses and after a minute or two she is warm and removes her coat.

I tell her she has to hurry up and get into bed so she can enjoy my very stiff cock.

She removes the blouse, skirt and the the black silk slip.

My dream is her bending over, facing away, taking her panties off and watching her pretty little waxed pussy peeping at me between her legs.

She chickened out and jumped into bed in bra and nix.

We soon had those off and she was clearly a bit riled with me that I had virtually forced her to striptease for me.

We soon got her worked up and having put liquid silk all over my dick she sat on me for a while and pumped away.

This is our best postion, she controls the situation and can come as soon as she likes.

Some while later we are writhing around titillating each other and she turns to lie on her front.

She whispers 'I want you inside me' and I grab the liquid silk and say 'front or back ?'

She says 'the back - PLEASE', so I apply gobs of the lube and slide in.

She is moaning with ecstatic delight and tells me to pump her up.

After a while I am VERY excited and she is clearly loving the subservient role and both our two hands have fingers entwined.

Shortly later she tells me to fill her up and and I quickly come quite forcibly.

I apologise for being a bit harsh and she remarks that it was wonderful.

I go and wash my dick and when I return we are lying looking at each other and smiling a lot.

She then says 'what is on your mind?'. How does she know I am dreaming about stuffing beads up her arse?

I tell her I want to try something new and ask 'does she trust me not to hurt her?'.

Looking a bit apprehensive she says 'what do I do ?' I roll her out of the way and make a pile of 4 pillows.

I tell her to lie face down with the pillows in the middle of her body, so she is quite arched with her arse in the air.

I pour liquid silk on my fingers and liberally cream her ring.

She moans because even just working it she finds rather nice.

The beads are a plastic set and the 'string' is fixed to each bead as it is a single moulding.

The first one is about 1/2" in diameter and I push it in.

There was very little reaction.

I add several more then pull them out again - quite slowly over several seconds.

I hear a bit of a groan.

Since it is the first time I wonder about how far to go.

The beads are at least twice as long as my cock and I worry about going too far in.

Each successive bead is bigger than the last.

The largest is about 1" diameter.

They won't get stuck because there is a ring on the end.

She moans some more and is quietly thrilled.

I push them in again and this time about 3/4 of the whole string is in.

The larger beads are having more effect.

In and out they go, quite slowly and many times.

Since she doesn't seem uncomfortable I start adding a bead every two or three insertions.

Finally all but the biggest is in and she is clearly really enjoying the process.

I decide she has had enough for a first go and she rolls back and kisses me very hard.

She says that it was really nice.

Later we discuss it on our computer based private chat line and she admits it was the most thrilling thing and that she can't wait for another go.

This is a girl who has got to 50 without any anal sex at all, now she is begging to fucked and loves the beads - I can't wait to pull them out more quickly and see how she likes it.