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Lesley writes back
A short while ago I was abroad and we were writing nice thoughts about being together.

One evening I opened my especially-set-up private email to find this:

I had a dream about you this morning

we were in a lovely hotel room I was wearing a long full skirt and blouse and no underwear

you were standing behind me and your arms came around me and held my breasts and squeezed and caressed them and you were kissing my neck and messing up my hair

you unfastened the buttons of my blouse and gently brushed your fingers across my nipples steadily increasing the pressure on them until I was in heaven and getting very excited and really wanting you

you moved your hands up and down my body holding me and touching me all over and telling me how much you want me

you lifted my skirt at the back and ran your hands up and down my thighs and bottom for a long time

then pulled my hips back towards you and pressed yourself against me your fingers travelled down my tummy to between my legs and you could feel how wet and ready I was

I reached behind me and unzipped your jeans and you helped me push them down

I slipped my fingers under your balls and up and down your willy and felt how much you wanted me too

you then bent me forward over a large desk and spread my legs a little

you put plenty of cream on me and ran your fingers up and down between my legs and bum crease from the top right around to the front slowly and gently

and then you put your firm erect dick inside me and it felt exquisite

you slid slowly in and out for a while and got faster and faster

at the same time you stroked my bare bottom and I came within minutes because I was so excited and ready for you

you then put more cream and gently ran your finger around and then into my bottom and then when I was ready you pushed inside me slowly at first then eventually firmer and faster until you came too it was extremely exciting and satisfying and we both felt thoroughly fucked!

I have read it, re-read it and re-re-read it

I get excited thinking she could write that

We are looking for a suitable desk ...