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It does happen - once is enough
Angela was a tall, quite pretty, girl with frizzy hair and slightly stooping shoulders.

Rather nicer than I make it sound here.

She looked me in the eye in very high heels and had very pretty boobs.

We went out together several times and she talked about having sex.

She did not admit it to being a virgin but I suspect that she was.

The night she elected to participate my flat was full of bodies, so having been denied a bed we landed up on the living room floor.

The flat was 2 bedrooms and both were occupied by other couples.

We had a great grope and she started to be very keen to be penetrated.

I put on a condom and we gyrated for ages.

She was having a wonderful time and came at least twice.

Her energy was amazing and we adopted all kinds of poses until I finally could not hold on any longer.

She decided to ride me in reverse cowboy and bounced until I came, but she did not stop and persisted in rogering me long after I was spent.

When we finally parted, I realised that the condom had split somewhere along the way.

I said nothing but did worry. A week later she told me she was dating a policeman and that she was expecting to marry him.

It seems likely that I was a trial run !

She had obviously studied sexual practice and was using me as a gunea pig.

She was clearly pregenant when I next saw her with her copper fiance in a local restaurant near to my flat.

A couple of years later, she told me that I had made her pregnant and she had convinced the boyfriend that it was his child.

I watched the child grow over the years and he eventually became a senior officer at Scotland Yard.