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The Secretary 1
One of the longest series of assignations was with MaryClare.

We met when she was just coming up to 21 and I was 40.

I spent 2 years doing what was called heavy petting, and she would not capitulate.

Finally one night in London outside the Lancaster Gate hotel we were with a crowd and heading for yet another pub.

We jumped in my old Mk III Cortina and she said 'kiss me', I put my hand on her knee under her short skirt with shiny slip and black suspenders, normally as I hit skin she would object.

This night I found my hand was on it ! I asked why, and was told that the very same morning she had decided it was time to fuck.

I exclaimed that it would have been nice to know and we tore back to the Hammersmith hotel where we had been staying and managed to get a room.

We just went straight upstairs and I watched her undress out of the corner of my eye as I stripped. She was all in black and in the streetlit room I could see that black thatch which had eluded me for so long.

I kissed her

I kissed her left tit

I kissed her right tit

I sucked her navel

I fell on her pussy and sucked it right into my mouth - she was arched up like a crab with her piece right in the air - an amazing postion.

She came while I sucked - even more amazing.

Then I stuffed my rigid cock inside nad rammed it hard while she encoutraged me with nice little oohs and aahs.

Finally I filled her up and I realised just how much bigger than her that I was.

This led to all sorts of amazing postions later on as she was so light.

We fucked again like spoons in the middle of the night and again at daybreak.

We then had to hotfoot it back to work for 9am!