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Elizabeth in the trailer park
Whilst living in Califonia I travelled a lot, all over the USA.

In the 70's, my accent was unusual to the Yanks.

So in hotel bars I often got talking to pretty girls on the pull.

In Riverside CA. there was a bar called The Office, it had a telephone booth which had a background soundtrack of typewriters clacking away.

One could call home and say 'I am still at the office' and wifey could hear the background noise which was appropriate.

On a particular night I did this and walked to the bar.

A pretty girl on a stool heard me order a drink and suggested I buy her one so she could listen to my accent again.

I obliged.

She wore a short flowery dress and high boots.

She had a nice figure, long hair, was really quite a catch and she was picking me up !

We had one drink and she said 'let's go elsewhere'.

She climbed into my car and sat very close on the front bench seat.

I was directed to a place that i had heard about but not really experienced.

A trailer park.

She lived in a double trailer, explaining that after divorce it was all she could afford.

Actually inside it seemed a bit flimsy but the decor was pleasant and it had all mod cons, including a huge bed.

Without further ado she went straight to the bed and removed her boots.

Her outstreched arms beckoned me to join her.

We rolled around on the bed for a while and then she took off her dress asking me to pull down her panties while she unhooked the bra.

I stripped off and my hard dick wanged into the evening glow from outside lights.

She grabbed it and pulled me back onto the bed.

I expected a condom but she assured me she was clean and on the pill.

I fingered her pussy and got it very wet while kissing her nipples.

She raised her knees and told me to poke her NOW!

So in I went.

We rolled around a lot more and she eventually got me to enter from behind while she was on her knees, she yelled like fuck when she came and I quickly followed shoving her very hard from behind.

She collaped with me still in.

I was horny and my dick stayed quite hard.

After about and hour of spooning with me still hard in between her legs, she turned around and asked me to poke her again.

She didn't come the second time but I did.

She commented that I could come back any time as long as I phoned and do it some more.

Although she seemed to give a me a good number, I never managed to meet her again