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Freckles and huge tits
Jane was a nurse at Guys Hospital.

At that time most of the girls living in London were nurses because their duty roster did not allow them to live in the suburbs.

Costs were high compared to income so typically 4-6 shared a flat.

We met at a party and I was mesmerised by her lovely freckled face and large boobs.

I subsequently discovered she fell in love at first sight and her smile was for me, I had thought she was just a happy person.

We fucked enthusiastically for several months.

It was fairly vanilla but nice to have regular nookie.

Unknown to me she told her flatmates that she was going to get married.

The word eventually filtered back to me and I panicked, thinking 'no way Jose'.

So I dumped her, which caused a storm with her flatmates and upset Jane immensely.

As soon as she finished training she emigrated to Australia for the £10 special !

I don't feel bad about Jane because she was a pretty girl and lots of guys would have loved those tits.