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We swopped - for real
We visited a couple, that we knew quite well, in the Scottish Islands.

One christmas we got very inebriated and talked about a swop.

Actually the other guy was very keen and I said I would go along but my better half probably would not.

To my surprise, the next day William announced that we were on !

After some discussion about rooms, it was agreed the guys would visit the other's wife.

Jenny was in a silk nightie in bed when I arrived and the lights were out but there was enough light from the uncurtained window to see each other.

We kissed a lot and I fondled her very round and substantial tits.

Her nipples went hard and I pulled the silk away to kiss them.

She pulled up her nightie and grabbed my pulsating hard willy sliding it into her well wet pussy with gay abandon, putting her legs around my waist.

We went quite slow to start with but then it got frantic.

She was keen to tell me I was bigger than her hubby and much more fun, she begged me to fuck her really hard and we came together.

I think she might have faked it because she wanted to do it again another time.

We snoozed for a while and then I crept back to my own bed.

We never did do it again but I still see her and have been dropping hints ...