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Jutta - Swiss heliicopter
When I was first married, my wife took a holiday in Spain with her sister.

One night coming home from work I stopped in a bar near the office in Ruislip.

There was only one person in the bar - a girl.

She wore a very short skirt and had ski-jump tits under a tight t-shirt.

Being a boob man I was enthralled by the pair of perky nipples looking at me.

The girl was drinking something soft and chatting to the lady behind the bar.

I bought a drink and offered, via the barkeep, one to the girl.

She accepted and moved to a stool next to me at the bar.

Her problem was lack of money and the need to get to Heathrow to fly home to Switzerland the following day.

I realised that I could help out !

She had a small bag and after a second drink I invited her home for supper.

We stopped at a pub on the way to avoid my local and had a nice pub steak.

When we arrived at my house we opened a bottle of wine and sat on the sofa making conversation.

My French is not good and neither was her English.

I was trying to work out if she was up for a fuck.

As I poured the second glass of wine, she pulled me down and kissed me.

This was my signal to proceed.

After a few more sips I took her hand and led her upstairs.

She saw the big bed and said 'good'!!

She pulled off the t-shirt and unzipped her mini-skirt, revealing the tiniest pink plain silky panties.

Getting into bed she looked at me as if to say what is holding you up ?

We kissed and then we kissed each other all over, her tits were like rocks and her nipples very sensitive.

As I kissed her tits she writhed in delight.

She wanted to do 69 and took me right in although she was quite a small girl, maybe 5'1".

Her pussy was completely bare, very remniscent of a teen, but when she shoved it in my face, I quickly found an oversize clit for such a small girl.

I held my tongue out and she came by grinding her clit on my tongue, coupling it with repeating the motion on my dick.

She was very gentle with me and eventually decided to speed up the process, making me cum all over those magnificent tits.

She then grabbed my ears and made me suck my spunk off them.

We cuddled and slept.

Some time around 4am I was awoken by her getting back into bed, she went straight to my dick and in moments made it hard. I am lying on my back wondering what is happening next.

As soon as I was very hard she dribbled saliva all over my dick and then lying on top of me, slid me in deep.

Then she did something different.

She rotated herself around until her face was at my shins and then kept on going around.

I shouted 'helicopter' and she kept going. It took her about 12 full turns to come.

When she had settled down a bit, she turned again and straddled me facing my feet.

She pumped me hard and deep, her cunt seemed to be holding on to me.

I was very excited and came with a great shout.

She turned around and kissed me snuggling up to my chest and as she lay still she contracted her cunt a couple of times until I was squeezed out.

She was a very experienced lady and could have only been 18-20.

In the morning she motioned to fuck her from behind by getting on her knees and pointing !

She shouted 'HARD' and I pumped her until I came again quite quickly.

I continued until I went soft, but I don't think she made it.

I left her to go and pee and when I returned her finger was in her cunt and she had her eyes tightly closed.

She started to squirm and then yelled 'YES'.

I kissed her pussy, her tits and her lips.

We showered and I took her to the airport and never heard from her again.