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Real motoboat jobbie
My employer used to do engineering exhibitions, mainly in London at places like Olympia.

At one such show, Bill, a colleague, and I took the MD's secretary (Linda) and Bill's secretary (Elizabeth) out for dinner after the show closed.

When Bill went for a pee at the end of the meal, the girls said let's dump Bill as soon as we can. (He was lot older and both girls knew his wife well).

I played along and we 'went to bed early'.

Actually, I went with the two girls straight to their hotel room out of the lift because the rooms were on different floors.

I did not actually have a room booked!

The girls relaxed and chatted and drunk more wine, it was clear that they had agreed something would happen, but I knew not what they had agreed.

Elizabeth was tall, slender and well proportioned, her brunette hair was echoed in a large bush which seemed out of place on such a pretty girl.

As we talked she pushed the two single beds together, she undressed to bra and panties and disappeared into the bathroom.

She re-appeared and removed her underwear, donning a long light blue nightie.

She announced she was in full flood of her period, was in pain and Linda and I could do what we liked.

She went to bed facing the wall.

Linda took me into the bathroom and said that she was happy to indulge me but her husband and she had planned to get her pregnant so she was recently off the pill and therefore extra fertile.

She then said I will do anything except actually fuck you.

The following day I realised that i should have fucked her arse, but at the time I was hot for this average height, quite pretty, black haired girl who was renowned for her ample tits.

These became my target, grabbing a bar of soap I got her to sit on the loo and having wet the soap I lathered her tits all over. She giggled and said that they were ticklish - mind you we had been drinking for hours.

She then took the bar of soap away from me and rubbed it all over my balls and cock.

Next she dragged my cock in between her tits and started to slide me up and down.

I quickly got the message that she was happy for me to have boob-fuck but what came next was big surprise.

My cock was very hard and the ample tits enclosing it were very warm and slithery.

I pressed both tits inwards to increase the pressure on my cock, Linda took my balls in one hand and then soaped my bum and stuffed her finger right up my arse.

She pulled me into her front by releasing my balls and wrapping an arm around my bum as she echoed the pumping of my cock between her tits with quite a hard poking of my now totally soapy arsehole.

I came like a train and blew cum all over her face, she giggled some more and wiped the creamy cum off her lips with the back of her hand.

Next she stood up and kissed me full on the mouth, hard, tongue groping for mine.

I was shaking like a leaf and she took up a flannel and wiped off the soap from my cock and her tits.

We dried off and she was all smiles, saying 'thank you for not trying to fuck me', let's lie down and sleep a while.

We climbed into bed - I got the centre crack which was not very comfortable and Linda spooned into me grasping my shrunken willy in the crack of her ample arse, which was lovely.

I only then realised how much of it there was !

We crashed in sleep until about 7am. Liz went for a pee and said she was going to have a long bath.

Linda grabbed my wrist to stop me getting out of bed.

As soon as the bathroom door closed her other hand slid down and touched my cock.

Moments later it was hard again, and she kissed my chest, nipples and belly button, arriving at my cock.

She pumped it a few times then plunged it into her mouth.

Just as I realised all that was going on, her pussy was rammed into my face and she ground her clit on my lips whilst sucking me off.

The multiple sensations were very effective and I came with a loud groan.

My cock was super sensitive and I had to ask her to stop, she turned around and pulled my hand down to her saliva covered cunt and rubbed my finger up and down the slippery slit.

I got the message and went on until she convulsed and giggled again.

She again said 'thank you' and I was speechless, this well experienced woman was thanking me for one of the best non-fucks I ever had.

When Liz came out of the bathroom in a towel, she asked what was all the giggling was about and Linda told her that she would get the details later.

Linda and I showered separately and haviing dressed we went to breakfast.

I walked downstairs and they took the lift.

Bill joined me at the breakfast table and commented that we might do better tonight - I told him I was going home this evening and he was on his own.

But I know the girls would never have entertained him.