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Michael & Rosalind
I was sent to boarding school at 11.

The minor public school featured an annexe which new pupils used as a dormitory.

One of the staff and his wife and 2 daughters slept in the same house.

One night after lights out about 7 of us were chatting about wanking.

A completely new experience for me.

I got told that it could be nice if I managed to come.

Having no idea what this entailed, I was a bit surprised when Michael grabbed my cock and started pumping it furiously, without relent.

It went hard very quickly.

Not long after I had my first ever ejaculation and had to pull his hand away because I was so sensitive.

The sensation of coming was amazing.

The group dispersed and no more was ever said about my initiation with Michael.

He never tried to touch me again.

But I did.

The following term I moved into a large dormitory of 20 boys and became expert at wanking off into a hanky without anyone realising what I was doing.

It was joked about but noone really admitted to the self abuse.

The next term I went into a dorm of 60 pupils and some beds creaked at night.

Some years later I was very ill and incarcerated in the school sanitorium.

Thinking I was asleep, the pretty young nurse, Rosalind that we all fancied, was talking to her boss the Matron.

Matron was saying that the nurse would know when I was better if my hanky smelled of cum.

The following evening only the nurse and I were in the sanitorium as Matron got a night off.

The delightful young nurse only a few years older than me brought a hot drink at sleep time and asked how I was.

I inferred that not only was I better, but actually horny.

'Well' she said 'that is good to know'. She went to door of my private room and looked outside, it was well past surgery time and we were all alone.

The nurse came and sat on the bed told me that the doctor had not expected me to live and my being much better was a big treat.

'Perhaps we should celebrate' she said.

Her hand went down the bedclothes, pulled my pyjama cord and clasped my dick - her hand was lined with Vaseline.

She pulled back the sheets with her other hand by which time I was hard.

Her greasy fingers massaged my cock until it was quite rigid - harder than I ever knew before.

When she sensed I was getting really excited she upped the rate of pumping until I yelled and spurted all over her white uniform.

She cleaned up my willy and disappeared.

Twenty minutes later she came back in to my room wearing a nightie and dressing gown saying that she was checking that I was ok before she went to bed.

I smiled and told her she was an angel, and she replied 'not really'.

She merely said that she wanted to mark my recovery in a manner that I would remember and it was the best way she knew how.

I never got any closer to her or saw her body or kissed her but there were knowing looks between us for the next two years.

Then we both left the school at the end of the same term.